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Fear, Anxiety, & Aggression

The world can often be a scary and anxious place for a dog. 

At K9 Insight we specialise in helping dogs that suffer from a wide range of problems. We help owners get a better understanding of their dogs' needs and how to work as a team to resolve the problem.

We have worked with hundreds of dogs with behavioural problems. We understand the stress this can cause for you, the owner, and are here to help.  You can also rest easy knowing that you are working with an Animal Behaviourist who has the relevant experience and industry-leading training.

The first step is getting a proper understanding of your dogs behaviours and what is causing them. This takes the form of an initial assessment in your home where together we examine all possible contributing factors and build a picture of what is going on with your dog. From there we will have the knowledge necessary to work out the best way forward.

All nitial assessments include an individualised Behavioural Report for you (and if required your vet). The report also includes recommendations on practical things to get started with. After your initial assessment we can continue supporting you with private sessions as and when needed.

We accept both vet referrals and direct enquiries from dog owners.

If your dog is displaying problematic behaviour or has issues with fear/reactivity then we would love to help. Click the 'contact us' so we can chat.

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