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Professional Dog Training in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


At K9 Insight we train dogs and coach people.  Think fantastic dog training with relationship counselling.


Great relationships are built upon solid foundations and you and your dog should be no different. We work on the mechanics of dog training with a special focus on ensuring that your relationship is healthy and heading in the right direction.

Our training is primarily play-based,  making it easier for you both to undertake difficult tasks and have a great relationship which is fun and rewarding for both of you.  

Even when working with the most severe of behaviors we look to undertake behavioural modification in a way that is not damaging to the dog and helps relieve the stress and anxiety in a positive way that results in a happy confident dog.

Head Trainer



Alex McRobb is the Head Trainer of K9 Insight and has been involved with dog training for over 10 years.

His experience with dogs includes, but is not limited to, Boarding Kennel Owner and Operations Manager at Lynwood Kennels and involvement with dog rescues and several dog sports.

Alex is an award-winning professional Coach & Trainer operating within the sports, corporate, HSE, and security sectors.  Alex is also a registered UK Dogs Sport Trainer.

Alex combines his passion for dog training and his ability to teach and get the best out of people, to ensure that your training sessions are productive and rewarding for both you and your dog. His approach is inclusive, non-judgmental, and caring with the focus on equipping you with the skills you need.

Alex is constantly improving and developing his own skillset and abilities by training with some of the best trainers in the world and building his knowledge through further academic study. Alex is a Chartered Animal Behaviourist and graduated with distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour, with The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE).

For further information on why Alex chose COAPE:


Private Training Sessions

Dog training should be fun and rewarding for  you and your dog. 

We offer bespoke training solutions  to ensure a positive experience.


Utilising the most up to date research and training techniques, alongside our own experience as dog owners and professionals to give you and your the dog the best possible results.

Courses & Classes
Behavioural Help
Dog anxiety Fear

We specialise in helping dogs that suffer from a wide range of problems.  The world  can be a scary and anxious place for a dog so we help owners get a better understanding of their dogs' needs and how to work as a team to resolve the problem and offer relief for you both.



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